5 DIY Halloween Decorations for the Office

5 DIY Halloween Decorations for the Office

Halloween is the perfect excuse to dust off your workspace, celebrate, and start getting crafty. Even if you've outgrown your trick-or-treating days, it's always fun to walk down memory lane. Break out the scissors and bring on the creativity with these DIY Halloween decoration ideas for your office.

Halloween Garland

This Halloween, stock up on traditional orange and black party garland. For an extra pop of color, look for some hints of metallic gold. Then, print out pictures of your most memorable Halloween costumes using your Canon SELPHY. Don't forget to ask your colleagues to share their best photos, too! Have fun attaching them to the garland using clothespins (or similar) to create a spooky, yet festive display. This way, even if you're not dressing up, you can still get in the ‘spooky' spirit.

Bat Template Printables

Looking to spice up those drab white walls? Go darker—literally. First, head to your computer and search for bat printables. Then, print out as many as you like using your Canon PIXMA. Next up, it's time to break out the scissors. When all your bats are cut and separated, use wall-safe tape to hang each bat, creating a mural of sorts. If you're not eager to mark up your white walls, attach a string to each bat and dangle them from a lighting fixture.

DIY Candles

Forget light fixtures for this DIY trick; we're going back-to-basics on this one. Mason jars are super versatile, whether you're using them as actual drinking glasses or putting them to good use as a flower vase. Come Halloween, though, mason jars make really good festive candle holders. Once you have your candles, place them inside the mason jar and arrange them on your shelf or desk area. Consider printing labels with spooky sayings and taping them onto the outside of the jar like "keep calm, trick-or-treat and carry on."

Halloween Trees

Christmas trees aren't for another few months but Halloween trees are perfectly timed. To get started, grab a couple pieces of computer paper, and roll them into a cone shape, similar to a medieval princess hat your kids wear sometimes. Then, with black crepe paper this time, glue it around the circumference of your cone. Each layer will look like a multi-layered ball gown. Make a few and you've got yourself a black forest.

Ghost Lollipops

No time to prep? Ghost lollipops are easy to prepare and are well-received. Simply reach for some tissue paper or facial tissues and cinch them around the lollipop head. Tie black and orange string (or ribbon) around it and you're good to go. For an added touch, take a marker and dot on two black eyes. Whether your colleagues trick-or-treat during the day or swing by your desk before leaving work, you'll have sweet (and spooky) treats to hand out.

Halloween lollipop ghosts on gray concrete background