5 DIY Christmas Cards for the Holiday Season

5 DIY Christmas Cards for the Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and one of the best ways of spreading joy and cheer is throughannual holiday greeting cards. This year, rather than dropping lots of cash at the store, or ordering generic greetings online, get crafty with DIY Christmas cards and homemade holiday cards. These creations are fun for the whole family to make, and for the recipients, they impart a message of love and creativity that money just can’t buy. Plus, the possibilities are endless. You can color and cut out custom cards, print poignant phrases and photos to share, and even design your own pop-up projects. Here are five DIY Christmas cards to send out this holiday season.

1. Get crafty with kids’ Christmas cards.

This Kids DIY Christmas Card from the site, Box of Ideas is one of the cutest we’ve seen. Download a free, coloring-book-style template, print it. and then set the kids loose with crayons, markers, colored pencils or paint. After you've colored the gifts, Christmas tree, Santa, Merry Christmas banners and other components, cut them out and glue them into your own holiday scene on paper or cardstock. Add a personal note and mail them to everyone on your Christmas list.

2. Print your own simple but elegant homemade holiday cards and include a family photo.

“Good tidings of comfort and joy” is a peaceful message that could resonate with anyone. Print it on cards using this free template from the site Delia Creates. Then add a short-and-sweet message inside, and for an extra personal touch, snap a family photo and paste it on the card.

3. Make your family photos the card, itself.

The Family Bunting Christmas Card is another winner from the site Delia Creates. Photograph each family member in a holiday sweater or elf hat and then print those photos. Cut out each photo and tape them all to a piece of string. Then print or write out a card to include with your inspired, artistic mini family on a string!

4. Transform your Instagram photo favorite into a holiday card.

The site Say Yes offers a great idea for DIY holiday cards: use what you already have! Christmas is a time for reflecting, and what better way to reflect than to set aside some time to wade through 2017’s Instagram feed and create a DIY Instacard with top Insta moments. Choose a photo photo—abstract or with friends and family—print it out and then get crafting! The site takes you through the creative process, step by step.

5. Create your own pop-up art

Christmas card. Surprise! You can make DIY Christmas pop-up cards with just a few materials and a little bit of time. The site Red Ted Art has all the details (and even a video) instructing people of all ages to assemble these colorful, whimsical, cards. All it takes is colored paper, a glue stick and a little imagination.

Whatever DIY Christmas card or homemade holiday card you choose, the important part is putting it out there and letting your loved ones know you care. Happy holidays!