3 Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holiday Season

3 Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holiday Season

Want to give gifts that stand out this holiday season? You're in luck! Create your own gift wrapping paper (plus ribbons, gift tags and even gift bags) using your PIXMA or IVY printer! Simple, crafty and straight from the heart, here are some creative gift wrapping ideas to try at home.

Seasonal patterns.

With your PIXMA printer, the crafter's ultimate all-in-one printer, you can choose from a variety of built-in printable patterns to turn into gift wrapping paper — especially convenient for gifts smaller in size. Designed to complement your artistic side, this innovative printer offers up the opportunity to get really creative with your gift wrapping paper. Mix and match patterns or stick to the quintessential colors of Christmas. Whatever you choose, be sure to add a bright bow to your gift for an extra bit of holiday flair. 

Gift wrapping ideas

Sealed with a selfie.

And now for one of our favorite Christmas gift wrap ideas! Use your Canon IVY to take a selfie to stick on your wrapped present — that way, everyone will know it's from you! You can always print out other photos too: of your kids, pets or home. So, grab your IVY and look around for inspiration. Shoot, print and stick your photos on your printable wrapping paper. 

Personal twist.

Of course, not all gifts call for wrapping paper. There are plenty of other ways to put a personal twist on a present with the help of your PIXMA printer! Print out your favorite inspirational images from Pinterest and collage them together, transforming any boring brown box into a personalized gift box. Or, get creative by using vintage newspaper to wrap your present. And don’t forget the gift tags! With a little searching, there are hundreds of free, printable DIY tags to choose from.

If you are a crafty homemaker, chances are you know how to wrap a beautiful gift. That's why we are excited about these unusual gift wrapping ideas, guaranteed to make wrapping almost as fun as unwrapping. Happy Holidays!