4 Ways a Wireless Printer Can Make Your Life Easier

4 Ways a Wireless Printer Can Make Your Life Easier

Take a look at your desk. Chances are it's a sea of wires - chargers, AC adapters, USB cables, you name it. Opting for a wireless printer not only helps de-clutter the Eternal Bog of Cables, it helps free up your creativity. If you're a crafter, a wireless printer is the key to getting your ideas on paper quickly and at top quality. Here are four ways it can make your life easier:

4 Ways a Wireless Printer Can Make Your Life Easier

1. Smooth Sailing Setups

Do you need a USB cable, or a micro USB cable? What's the difference between USB 2.0 and 3.0? Oh, wait, the printer needs one of those million-pin connector things?

With a wireless printer, you simply plug into the power outlet and connect to your Wi-Fi network - no confusing cords required. Your laptop, tablet, and smartphone all make friends with the printer immediately (because a good decoupage idea should never have to wait).

Smooth Sailing Setups

2. Print While You're Away

Print-spiration strikes everywhere; whether a great blog post read at your favorite cafe sparks a new collage concept or your friend's spring mixer cardigan has just the right pattern for your next origami project, creativity doesn't wait for you to hunker down at a desk. That's why wireless printers like the PIXMA series can print sans computer not only from their built-in touchscreens, but from your smart devices or even the cloud, no matter where you are. When you can print from your pick of mobile-compatible apps like Canon PRINT, Apple AirPrint or Google Cloud Print, good ideas trump location constraints every time.

Print While You're Away

3. Quick Customization

Mobile printing doesn't just allow for long-distance prints, it gives you access to all the minute settings you'd have from your desktop, too. Let's say you're up-cycling an end table with a newly lacquered photomontage tabletop. Fine-tuning the settings on your tablet, then laptop, then printer (with clear coat and paper bits sticking to your mitts) is more than enough to muffle your mojo. So, keep your eye on the prize. Choose the type of paper to print on; the orientation, color options, and even if you want double- or single-sided prints right from your device. Get personal with the project, not the printer.

Quick Printer Customization

4. Upload and Go

Today's graphic design apps aren't monolithic software packages tied to a monster desktop - they're portable on your phone, or swipe-able on your tablet. Just like you can print pictures from anywhere, your PIXMA's wireless scanning options lets you scan an image on your home turf and access it on just about any of your smart devices, anywhere. Might as well ditch the desk - tweak your latest flyer, texture a 3D model, or add a background to your digital canvas at the coffee shop or the dog park. Behold, a beautiful, wire-free life.

Upload and Go

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