Which Paper is Right for Me?
Do you ever find yourself asking, "Which Paper is Right for Me?"

Since each paper type is constructed for a unique job, choosing the wrong paper can result in a dull, unclear print. Each type of paper is treated to work optimally with your printer's ink to create the most vivid image possible so selecting the right paper to use is an essential piece of the equation. Read on to learn more about how to choose the paper best suited for your needs and reap the benefits in both quality and longevity of your prints.
To start, what is it you are looking to do?
Photo Printing Business Printing Studio Quality Printing Special Projects
Photo Printing

Our photo papers range from Super High Gloss to Matte Finish and anywhere in between. If you are looking to print photos from special occasions and outdoor excursions, or utilize to create scrapbooks and cards, this is the solution for you.
Business Printing

When printing your projects you want a High Resolution paper to help make your presentation and reports vivid and stand out. Because your work is important, the attention to detail put into printing it should be, too.
Studio Quality Printing

Recreate your photography, fine art, or digital art. These papers have been specially treated to meet these creative needs and are designed to help make duplicates is as impactful as the original.
Special Projects

These are the papers to help turn your every day prints into works of art! With a variety of textures and options to choose from, you'll be able to present your special moments in a unique and artistic way.
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Paper Terminology
Here are a few terms you will need to know while searching for the right paper to help you produce photo lab quality prints right at home.
High Gloss

Delivers a "studio finish" with the most vivid colors, an outstanding contrast of light and dark, and high durability. With this finish you may experience glares
in certain lighting situations and fingerprints similar to the glossy finish. High Gloss paper is frequently used by professionals and photography students.

Offers tremendous color range, resolution and durability. With this finish you may experience glares
in certain lighting situations and fingerprints. The most practical uses for these Glossy prints are portfolios, photo albums and other displays behind plastic.

This finish is designed to not show those pesky lighting reflections or fingerprints you often see on glossy prints. With less dynamic range
and contrast of colors than all of
the other photo papers. Great for scrapbooking projects, bulletin boards, cards and invitations.

Offers a great compromise between
a Matte and Glossy finish. Helps to reduce issues with glare, dust and fingerprints. Durability (paper weight/ thickness) typically falls right in the middle. Great for your everyday
picture frames and ideal for those
with a matte border.

Commonly ranked on a scale of 1-100, with 100 being the brightest option.
The brighter and whiter your paper is the lighter your prints will be; a duller paper will produce more muted tones/darker images.

Refers to the durability of your paper and the amount of ink it is designed to hold without compromising the integrity of the document. Thinner/Lighter is ideal for quick prints, typography, rough drafts, etc. Thicker/Heavier is more commonly found in papers meant for photos, scrapbooking, crafts, etc.

Superb for that gallery quality, high-end printing, this type of finish has very "canvas like" quality.

Ideal for printing projects that are heavy in typography, have definitive shapes, or have a high contrast of black and white. Designed to help your colors stay in place and to be less susceptible to spreading and mixing, also known as "bleeding," delivering a more crisp and vivid picture.
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