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Scientific Calculator
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The Canon F-792SGA Scientific Calculator handles a total of 648 functions, and its large, dot-matrix 4-line display makes calculations easy and comfortable. This calculator includes LCM, GCD Function, Quotient & Remainder, Random Integers, Probability Distribution Calculations, Complex Number Calculations and more. The F-792SGA also includes 38 built-in formulas. The dual power - solar and battery - allows you to perform your calculations whether you are in the school or on the go. It also provides a removable hard cover case which protects it against damage when you are on the move. The shell of the F-792SGA is made from recycled plastic.



  • Total 648 Functions
  • 38 built-in formulas
  • Dot-Matrix 4-Line Display
  • Store to Memory
  • Recall Memory
  • LCD Contrast Adjustment
  • Shell made from recycled plastic
  • Solar and battery power source
  • Protective hard case included
  • Canon Generation Green

Main Unit Spec

Display TypeLCD Display
Display Color1-Color black
LCD Contrast Adjustment
Digits DisplayedUp to 18-digit
Character Size96 x 32 dot (one line Character: 15)
Decimal Point SystemFix decimal (0-9)
Significant digits (0-9)
Norm (1-2)
MeanX & Y
Multiple RootsYes (Square Root, Cube Root, Multiple Root)
SquareYes (Square, Power Square, Cube)
Types Of CalculationMathematics, Trigonometry, TABLE Function, Statistics
Reciprocal CalculationsYes
Automatic Power OffApprox. 7 minutes
Battery SolarYes
Other FeaturesScientific Notation, Engineering Notation
Right Shift KeyYes
MemoryIndependent: 3 Keys (M+, M- , MR)
Sum to Memory:(M+ , MR)
Store to Memory
Recall Memory
Answer Memory
Dimensions6.614" (L) x 3.15" (W) x .57" (H) (w/o hard cover)
168 x 80 x 14.5mm

6.732" (L) x 3.90" (W) x .74" (H) (with hard cover)
171 x 86.1 x 18.75mm
Weight4.51 oz (128 g)
  • F-792SGA Calculator
  • Instruction Manual
  • Hard case

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